Battlefield 1 Revolution & Battlefield 1943 Bundle XBOX One


Languages: English
Region: Worldwide
Platform: Xbox Live
Delivery method: 🔑Digital Code
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Developers: EA Digital Illusions/EA DICE
Release date: August 21, 2017
Note: Battlefield 1943 can be launched and played on XBOX One and XBOX 360.

Battlefield 1 Revolution & Battlefield 1943 Bundle (Xbox One) key

Buy Battlefield 1 Revolution Xbox One key and enjoy the complete Battlefield 1 experience right from the get-go! Join the community today and reap all the benefits of the Revolution Edition!

Battlefield 1 Revolution Xbox One key feature:

•The base Battlefield 1 game key
•Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
•Harlem Hellfighter pack
•Red Baron Pack
•Lawrence of Arabia pack
•New behemoth visual appearance
•5 Battlefield 1 Battlepacks
•This special offer also includes Battlefield 1943– an entire stand-alone World War II multiplayer experience is yours for free.


Battlefield 1 Revolution Xbox One key is the perfect point to start your military FPS journey, join the ranks and experience the terrors of WW2 setting first-hand! Join the thrilling team-based multiplayer battles and prove your worth in the midst of war. If multiplayer action is a bit overwhelming, partake in the thrilling War Stories campaign, and experience explicit war scenarios.

Service Assignments

Build your character the way you want! Buy Battlefield 1 Revolution Xbox One key, get numerous rewards right from the game’s launch and start your further progression through a deep and rewarding Service Assignments system, chose your Specialization, and conquer the Earth, the Sky, and the Sea setting, like your very life depends on it!


Battlefield 1 Revolution Xbox One key presents a ton of fully destructible environments in a whole array of ever-changing maps! Bullets are flying everywhere, and bombs are falling like rain, you expect the battlefield would stay the same after? With Revolution Edition at hand you’ll also instantly receive They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse expansions, these equals to an even more extended fun, right from the get-go!


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